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My Tribute (A.Crouch) Ave Maria (Gounod) Ave Maria (Shubert) Jungle Flight (White)
Bali Myst (White) The Doll (Grill) Recuerdos (Tarrega) Greensleeves (Anon) May It Be (Enya)
The Mad Piper (arr bwhite) Air in G (Bach) Pane Mai (Cazimro) The Boat Man (Celtic) Prelude (Grill)
Pua Olena (James) Rainbow (arr bwhite) Romanza (Anon) Salley Gardens (Celtic) Hawaii Aloha (Lyons)
Santa Expina (Catalonian) After the Battle (Celtic) Partita (Telemman) Presto (Telemann) Page2