From One of Europe's Finest Pan-Flute Teachers

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This book, which includes a play along DVD, is geared for a smaller pan-flute tuned in the key of C. Included with my 15 pipe alto pan-flute in the"Complete starting Package" it can also be purchased separately.

About the Author...

Costel Puscoiu is one of Europes leading pan flute teachers. Born in Romania he has made the Netherlands his home for almost 20 years. He has developed and published a complete method of study for the pan flute. His compositions include symphonies, chamber music, sonatas, choral works and film scores. He has also authored several musicological and folkloristic studies and articles.

About the book...

A very easy-to-understand pan flute method. By following this book and CD the beginner can successfully play the pan flute in a very short time. This text has been carefully written to provide maximum enjoyment and fun!
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One of the most detailed and complete books (more than 200 pages) about the pan-flute ever written. Out of print for many years I was able to negotiate an exclusive reprint of this classic book. It is with great delight that I am now able to offer it here ... Brad White

About the book...

This method has been written for amateurs as well as for those who want to make a profession out of playing the pan flute. After having gone through the course one will be able to play music at a good level both as a soloist and with others. The possible result depends on several factors, but in particular on the qualities of the student and the time he spends practicing. Regularity in study, which means a certain amount of practice every day, is very important, because music, like sports, demands daily training.

This method contains many theoretical explanations, because only a good understanding of theory can lead instrumentalist onto a good course. The larger his load of general knowledge, the better his chances are of playing on a good level. In practice, working with this book, the pan flute player will learn to know and appreciate music in general, to perform music with pleasure, and to distinguish between good and not so good music.